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Our firm leverages experience and agility to deliver services aimed to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Clients We Serve

Business & Professionals

Business & Professionals ^  


We are often called upon to be a lawyer’s lawyer.  We have represented dozens of law firms and attorneys throughout Florida involving claims of malpractice, malfeasance, and ethics complaints. We have extensive experience litigating claims against professionals brought under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO).    

Directors & Officers 

Our attorneys have substantial experience in defending and suing directors and officers in a wide variety of D&O claims and coverage matters. We have defended both for-profit D&O claims and claims against non-profit corporations and State-created corporations. Currently, we are involved in one of the largest D&O cases in the history of the State of Florida. Our experience allows our team to promptly evaluate strategic and cost issues, and to defend or resolve disputes in a cost-effective and expeditious manner.  

Internet Service Companies / Cyber Security 

Our firm’s attorneys have a penchant for technology and regularly engage in the defense of software service firms, including software developers, online retailers, data specialists, online and online marketing firms.   

Our attorneys are constantly at the forefront of changes in the law affecting our clients in order to better serve them. Our lawyers have successfully defended our clients in numerous actions involving a wide array of issues. Some of the most frequent legal issues our clients seek counseling for include: breach notification requirements, hacking, physical laptop or smart phone loss containing client data, employee errors causing data loss or exposure, fraudulent transfers, extortion, and business partner breaches. Depending on the data at issue, HIPAA, the Video Privacy Protection Act, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act, and the Electronic Communications Privacy Act are some examples of federal statutes that may apply to certain cyber and privacy events.  

Our attorneys regularly represent large institutional clients with dedicated in-house counsel, and work hand-in-hand with general counsel to achieve an intimate understanding of our clients’ needs in order provide cost-effective, high-quality services. We also emphasize preventive legal strategies to manage their legal risks.  


Manufacturing is a cornerstone to any successful economy, and we take great pride in work to help move the industry along. Our attorneys have had the pleasure of representing manufacturers across numerous industries involving litigation management, general counsel services, contract drafting and negotiation, due diligence for mergers and acquisitions, employment disputes, non-disclosure agreements and disputes, contract disputes, noncompete covenants, factory closings, privacy law compliance, regulatory compliance, class action claims, intellectual property infringement, product defect claims, products liability claims, and real estate transactions.  


Our lawyers have also represented and sued media entities involving claims of defamation, retraction law violations, and collusion with short-sellers or competitors.   

Our attorneys have vast experience in both prosecuting and defending high-level defamation claims involving corporate entities, including publicly-traded companies and media defendants, as well as individual company directors, officers, media reporters and the like. By way of example, in one such action, we successfully maintained a federal action in Texas on behalf of the world’s largest services provider relating to allegations of bribery and other crimes resulting in the initial loss of a $1 Billion international contract. The case was resolved in favor of our client and against the largest multi-media conglomerate. In the process, we also uncovered a massive, organized smear campaign by industry competitors. Another such action surrounded claims of criminal conduct by a well-known, publicly-traded media defendant involving discrete issues of the First Amendment, journalist’s privilege, and defense of confidential informants. A number of other cases involve, typically, allegations of dishonest/fraudulent/criminal acts which are the subject of defamation claims. Our lawyers have defended and prosecuted a number of these actions and are well-versed in the particularized defenses and issues pertinent to these cases. 

Real Estate Professionals 


Our attorneys have represented real estate professionals including closing attorneys, title companies, real estate firms, and appraisers. Our attorneys are intimately familiar with the applicable standards of care for professionals across this industry.  Our representation has included claims involving fraud, conspiracy to commit fraud, malpractice, breaches of fiduciary duties, violations of Florida’s Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act, and negligence claims.  




The Retail industry is a driving force behind our economy.  From burgeoning storefronts to national retailers, our attorneys understand the challenges and risks faced by the retail industry.  Our retail industry representation includes corporate services, employment advice, risk avoidance, and litigation.

Government ^   

Federal Agencies & Employees 

Our Attorneys have extensive experience representing the Federal Deposit Insurance Company (FDIC) in financial recovery actions, director and officer liability actions, and pursuing errors and omissions as well as fraud by professionals.  Our firm is poised to be in a position to thoroughly investigate the existence of potential claims, locate assets, and litigate such claims through trial and any necessary appeals.  

Our attorneys have also been requested from time to time to represent federal employees alongside the Department of Justice, and to represent federal employees within administrative actions.  

Public Charter Schools 

Charter schools play an important role in our public education system, introducing an element of parental choice, competition, and versatility that is not always possible with traditional public schools.  Our attorneys have represented charter schools for decades with notable success.  We have performed investigations, crisis management, and have litigated cases from inception through appeals.  We have drafted legislation that was successfully enacted to add further clarity to statutes affecting charter school liability.   We have a strong commitment to public charter schools in Florida.  

Public School Districts and Universities 

Our attorneys have represented school districts, school boards, and public charter schools for decades.  We regularly conduct investigations, pre-litigation advice and counsel, and also handle litigation across the State involving these entities.  We have represented schools with respect to claims involving Title IX, torts, sovereign immunity, education law claims, contractual disputes, claims brought under 42 USC s.1983, and other constitutional claims.   

Public Officials & First Responders 

Our attorneys have had the pleasure of representing mayors, city managers, state attorneys and assistant state attorneys, public board members, numerous other public officials, police officers, and other employees of municipalities, and federal public officials. Our representation regularly includes constitutional law, sovereign immunity, civil rights, torts, employment law violations, and common law claims.  We have defended public officials against alleged violations under 42 USC s. 1983, Fourth Amendment violations, Fourteenth Amendment violations, First Amendment violations, Title VII, Title IX, Bivens actions, Whistleblower claims, gender discrimination, gender harassment, retaliation, and defamation claims.  

State, Municipalities & Other Government Entities 

For decades, our attorneys have represented numerous state agencies, municipalities, water management districts, state attorneys, special taxing districts, mosquito control districts, and drainage districts, including its elected public officials, public officers, and other employees in courts across the State, federal court, administrative proceedings, arbitrations, and in all courts of appeal in Florida and within the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals.  

Our attorneys have represented dozens of cities, towns, and villages throughout the State of Florida, from the beaches of the northern Atlantic to the Florida Keys and across the breadth of the State.  

Our representation has involved all manner of federal and state claims, including employment claims, public records litigation, Department of Justice civil rights investigations, EEOC investigations, tort litigation, civil rights violations, and constitutional violations. 

Insurance ^ 

Insurance Professionals 

For decades, our lawyers have represented some of the country’s largest insurance brokerages and third-party administrators.  We have represented these individuals and entities in claims of failure to procure proper insurance, sufficient insurance, lapse claims, lack of coverage claims, improper claims handling, breach of TPA agreements, and a variety of contractual disputes. 

Insurance Companies 

Insurance companies serve an important role in allowing industry, business, and even government to continue to advance by avoiding risk.  Our attorneys have considerable experience representing insurance companies in claims of extra-contractual litigation (bad faith) claims, insurance coverage disputes, and civil remedy notices.  We have experience in both third-party and first-party disputes. 

Non-Profits & Religious Institutions ^ 

Churches and Religious Institutions 

Churches and other religious institutions serve a vital role in our society, serving as community hubs, outreach, filling significant gaps in charity and other community-based needs.  These organizations often face unique challenges, requiring the application of expertise and wisdom.  

Our team has extensive experience representing religious organizations in all areas, including corporate matters, internal investigations, employment disputes, criminal investigations, morality clauses, doctrinal disputes, construction projects, and real estate sales and acquisitions.  Our representation has included services as general counsel, dispute resolution, third-party investigators, and litigators when necessary.   

Non-Profit Organizations 

Non-Profit Organizations face many of the challenges that face businesses, while organizing volunteers and others to support the public good.  These organizations often need corporate representation, assistance with agreements, employment disputes, and litigation.  Some may benefit from sovereign immunity defenses depending on their public function and the degree of control government bodies may exercise over them.  

Public Hospitals 

Our attorneys have provided services to community-based hospitals, including instrumental services leading to the implementation of open-heart surgery across the State of Florida in five community hospitals during a time when the administrative challenges available to competing private hospitals enabled the  private hospital chains to stop any significant community hospital expansion.  


Non-Profits & Religious
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